Visual Story of Pangi Valley

Pangi, a remote himalayan valley is spread over land in the upper region of Himachal. The place is mostly untouched and the initial phase of urbanization can be seen in the villages of the valley in 2018. Roads are being constructed in the name of development and ease. It will not be long before business opportunities arrive and the nature is destroyed as we have been doing, always.

Upper Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India

Major Hubs Nearby – Chamba, Kishtwar, Manali

HQ – Killar ( At the T junction of Sach Pass, Keylong and Kishtwar Roads )

  • Treks : Numerous treks – All are easy and short.
  • Altitude  : 2100 mts to 4200 mts above sea level.
  • Days needed   : Min 7 days. More than 2 weeks recommended.
  • 5 Bhatori :  Establishments of Buddhist people as the last and highest inhabited place in the region.
  • Shiv Parvat /Kudu Nala – (3950 mts) 3 to 4 hours trek from the village Kumar- Parmar Bhatori
  •  Shivshankh / Tyasau Dhar – ( 3700 mts) 3 to 4 hours trek from the village Sural Bhatori
  • Shivlinga / Dhar – (4000 mts) 3 to 4 hours trek from the village Hudan Bhatori
  • Padder Pangi – Located in J&K now. Famous for Machel Mata Yatra
  • Rural life and hospitability of people in villages of Pangi valley
Colorful flowers of a remote valley and mountain river
Colorful flowers of the valley blooming post spring when snow has melted

Onset of Spring, when flowers bloom amidst the green carpet of grass, colors pop out. And the beauty is appreciated by those who can.

Beauty is not just visual, close both eyes and listen to the wind gushing at a different pace as you tilt your head. Feel the touch. Smell the flowery fragrance. Sorry, bring something for the taste

Shiva Parvat, as named by locals, is a short hike away from the establishment of Buddhist people, a village named Bhatori.

A perfect place to camp, far away from civilization and another soul. In the cradle of the valley with Himalayan peaks going 360 at a distance.

Tilted Shiva Parvat under a blue sky at dusk
Shiva Parvat in Pangi Valley at Dawn when sunlight is breathing its last for the day
A herd of cows making the way for me to cross
A gesture of respect - Cows, clearing the trail for me.

Caution – A man is on the trail, let us clear the way for him.

The narrow trail is used by locals and domestic animals to graze green as to sustain life of the rural people. 

The story Continues...

The lake among the hills with colors all around
Colors in and out : The beauty of the Himalayan valley

Colorful aura of a small high altitude lake in the valley. This water body provides not just the beauty, but some essential components of survival in day to day life.

People take pride in almost everything. Being a trekker for example. Before you go high on the pride trip, remember you are merely hiking on the trail created by shepherds and natives. 

A shephered and his sheep in a green valley
The real trekkers of Planet Earth - Shepherd and his flock of sheep at Pangi valley
A tent and the hill below landmarks of universe, stars
Camping under landmarks of the universe - The starry roof

Camping under the open starry roof of Pangi valley is an experience in itself. Silence has its own sound and if you listen too carefully, it becomes an unbearable noise in itself. This is safer as well, in case of any mishap, one can run back to the village in little time.

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