Visual Story of Kuari Pass - A high altitude Winter Trek

Kuari Pass or Lord Curzon trail is a high altitude pass which can be reached on foot by trekking. The Kuari Top is situated at an altitude of 4264 mts above sea level. Base camp is located at Joshimath and Auli in Uttarakhand, IN. This is one of few high altitude winter treks in Himalayan region. An easy Trek

First high altitude trekking experience at kuari Pass
A Trekker switching sides to find the trail

The foot- wide Trail alternating between one side of the mountain to the other, takes a trekker through verdant forest, snow patches, vast open campsites, rolling meadows and a mirror like-lake. The vast mountain ranges of mighty Himalaya in sight all along the tiring trail.

The daring dog who accompanied trekkers all the way to Kuari Top, tested the water (literally) to find the least slippery slope of the frozen ice patch. Trekkers needed the help of ice axes and each other to cross, but the black dog did not. He stayed with us for three days during the trek to Kuari Pass.

A dog crossing snowy patch on a trek
The brave one - Dog - Man's best friend
Khullara campsite and skull structure at kuari pass trek
Camping territory at night with a dangerous skull marking - Keep Away

The night before Kuari Top summit, trekkers camp at Khullara campsite. As the name Khullara, the flat ground is vast and open which makes it awesome to camp under the stars.

Sunset and moon-shine from Khullara Campsite

The sun sets above Himalayan peaks at a short distance while the moon is a quarter way up in the sky. A perfect place to camp. Rising sun gives warmth and the setting sun takes it away.

The Kuari Top Summit to watch the mega view of grand Himalayan Peaks standing taller than 7000 mts. The trail through kuari pass continues to Pangarchulla.

Kuari pass top trek or Lord Curzon trail
Kuari Top Summit at 4264 mts above sea level
High altitude lakes of India - Tali
Reflection at Tali Lake while descending to Auli

The final day of the trek when a long descending trail brings trekkers to Ski slopes of Auli  through Gorson Bugyal, a rolling meadow and this magnificent Tali Lake.

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