Visual Story of Kedarkantha - A High Altitude Winter Trek

Kedarkantha is a high altitude himalayan trek which remains open during winters. This trek is easy and short immersed in too much beauty, especially during winter season when the trail and the surrounding valley is covered in thick blanket of snow.

Sankri, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India – A small village on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Major Hub Nearby – Dehradun

  • Trek Distance : 18km round trail
  • Trek Difficulty : Easy
  • Max. Altitude  : 3800 mts / 12500 ft above sea level. 
  • Days needed   : 2 to 4 ( From Base Camp to Base Camp)
  • Juda ka Talab : A high altitude lake which remains frozen during winters and you can walk upon the thick sheet of Ice.
  • Sunrise : wake up at 2 am and start ascending in snow to the Kedarkantha Top
Sunrays tring to penetrate through clouds
Kedarkantha TOP - Sunrays penetrating through soft lump of clouds to reach the valley

To catch a glimpse of the rising sun, trekkers need to start climbing to the Kedarkantha top at or before 3 am. It is going to be an invigorating cold and the experience is way more rewarding than one can imagine

Juda ka Talab is on the way to Kedarkantha. This small Himalayan lake remains frozen during winter months. Walk upon this frozen lake but be cautious.

Frozen lake Juda ka Talab - Kedarkantha trek
Juda ka Talab - The high altitude frozen lake of Himalayas
A winter trek on snow
The white trail of Kedarkantha Trek from campsite to the top

Skidding on the white slope is fun while descending from the top. Be careful on the edges of the ridge else you will roll down the hill much faster. Do not be too hasty.

The story Continues...

Green shades of trees and bushes on a white snow bed
Shades of Green over shades of White or the Opposite

When snow falls by the end of a year, the charm continues to delude one’s senses. The ground beneath does not feel the same, the breeze is much colder, Sound of birds is somewhat faded, the white covers other colors, Streams freeze.

Death is the truth of life. Only thing that changes is the Memory. Energy to Mass to Energy and so on. We will always be here. And if the afterlife is this much beautiful, why worry?

A piece of wood from a stem of a tree, over snow
Death has never been more beautiful - The Dead Stem
On the edge of the mountain
Live snowfall in Kedarkantha

This trail is easy and short, and when snow covers the trail, finding own trail is really interesting. Only this is known is that we have to go either up or down. Throw in some zig-zag along the way to combat the sheer steepness.

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