Visual Story of Har Ki Dun - A high altitude Winter Trek

Har ki Dun or Doon is a high altitude valley in Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, IN. Situated at 3600 mts above sea level, this is one of the few winter treks in India where trekkers can enjoy trailing in snow by the end of the year or the start.

A lit tent in the valley of stars
Camping below the last village on the trail, Osla

Osla, the last frontier of people situated at 2560 mts above sea level is the last village on the trail to Har ki Dun valley. Camping under the starry roof just before the village is another adventure.

When snow falls continuously during winter season, everything freezes. The invigorating cold is something that penetrates deep into the body, yet the nature has never been more beautiful.

frozen bucket of water after a massive snowfall
This is how a bucket of water freezes after hours and hours of snowfall
Supin river during continued snowfall
One slip of a sole and rolling down the hill like a Panda comes naturally

River Supin after a massive snowfall which forced me to descend back to the village. Water of the stream gushes through the cold white snow spread like a soft curvy sheet.

A lone trekker on a white snowy trail of Har Ki Dun

With no visible trail in the front, snow falling on head, whiteness everywhere, biting cold. Survival is paramount and Live today to die another day. Somehow survived.

The morning. Open eyes, No courage to open the zip of the sleeping bag, let alone the tent. But can’t resist as the white beauty is just 2 zips away. And then comes the urge to pee in the mighty cold. Where to yellow the white?

A man in a massive snowfall
Lost in the white Snow
Trekking in white snowfall
Falling in snowfall during our winter adventure in Himalayan region

Invisible trail covered in fresh feet deep snow will make everyone fall on their tushies, not once, not twice, but innumerable times. It was fun and is a never lasting memory.

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