Visual Story of Chandrashila Top - A trek in Chopta valley

Chopta Tungnath Chandrashila Top Trek is one of the easiest and shortest trek in the Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. The not so desirable trail is paved till Tungnath, the highest Shiva temple in the world. But the stretch from tungnath to Chandrashila Top is steep and raw. 360 degree view from the top is just wordless. Deoriatal is a nearby lake, which has been completely polluted by increased tourism. 

Chopta, Uttarakhand, India – A small establishment inside Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary.

Major hubs Nearby – Haridwar (185 kms)

Open : Round the year

  • Trek Distance : 10km round trail
  • Trek Difficulty : Easy
  • Max. Altitude  : 3700 mts / 12200 ft above sea level. 
  • Days needed   : Min 1 day. 
  • When Did I ?    : December 2017
  • Chandrashila Top – 360 degree view of Himalayan ranges
  • The trail From Tungnath to the Top – Raw and Beautiful.
  • Tungnath – Highest Shiva temple in the world, if you are devout.
  • short remote trails in nearby hills
  • Feel the wind over the peak and enjoy the rough trail
Chandrashile peak offering 360 view
360 degree view from Chandrashila TOP

The Chandrashila top sits at 3700 mts above the sea level, but wrongly mentioned as 4000 mts somewhere on the wall.

Stones one above the other in vertical fashion can be found here in abundance as a reminder of another superstition of the masses today.

The layered structure of Blue Mountains is impressive enough. Stacked curves one after the other in an assorted fashion and diffracted colors of hidden sunlight takes the breath away. 

And wind does no favor.

Layers of Himalayan range - A feast for eyes
Blue Himalayan Range as far as the eyes go
Chnadrashila peak in Chopta valley with view of Himalayan range
A Human Life on the top of Chandrashila

It was winter by the time of my arrival. With nothing to stop that rushing cold winds to reach me, it was hard to maintain my footing on her curves.

The story Continues...

The dog waited for me while I took my time to come down the hill

Dogs are perfect companion for me on a trail. Often it’s a lazy day on a short hike, so better to take your time and enjoy the surrounding beauty. He took shortcut to reach here and was waiting for me so that we could trail further.

A small statue of Hanuman sitting on the top of Chandrashila Peak. People and their versions of Gods amuse the reality of Nature to no end.

We have created a world of myths since ages and the true freedom has been lost ever since.

Jai BajrangBali - Gada down and Hands up
A Raven eating Kurkure - What the dog refused

Everyday is a wonderful day when you have wings and the real worry is to survive, unlike humans. Our illusion of survival is dependent on money.

The dog did not like salty crunchy kurkure, but the raven did not mind.

A simple man trying to create a better world || A self learned Photographer

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