Are you searching for peace ? start with a knowledge of yourself. If you build the foundation of peace dependent on other factors, then you will lose your peace once the factors has changed. Inner Peace should be within you, always.

What is Peace?

Peace is a state of mind and a personal journey, which does not come easily because the life has become so complicated with so many things to think about, so many duties to perform, so many people to deal with, and so many gods to pray to. First Understand about life

Losing the state of calmness is a side effect of evolution and globalization. People judging, their diverse thinking, the hypocrisy, inability to understand, ego driven mindset all leads to chaos and negligence in this world. Peacefulness comes from a greater understanding of self and the world.

To know what I am is something lost in this information age because we do not  have time for ourselves. Our self-worth is dependent on other’s point of view. Your uniqueness in life will be lost if you try to live your life according to others. And when you know yourself, inner peace will be there with you all the time.

A tree stading alone and still breathing
The will to live is too strong for this wounded tree. After a fresh hailstorm,


Two extremes of everything

Philosophy is needed to understand our inner self and the outer world and Science explains the reasons and connect the dots to understand it in a better way. Adopt both. Keeping our mind in control is a daunting task for most of us who do not know how our mind works.

Life will always go up and down, no matter what choices you make. And it should as this is the most fun part of being alive. Without up, there is no down. It all depends on the observer, you. The same goes with our range of emotions, no sorrow without happiness, no light without darkness.

It is safe to assume that this is the only life we have unless proven otherwise. And if there is such thing as afterlife, we will know when we die, why worry about it from now to make this life miserable. For now, heaven and hell, it is all here on this earth. And death makes it fun and fulfilling to live, not knowing the future is really exciting. It pushes you to live as there is no tomorrow and yet to be ready for the future.

You know nothing neither do we

If people tell you to go right, try to go left. What will happen? You will find a new adventure anyway. Be wise, be intelligent, knowledge is ever increasing in this progressive world and even if you are immortal, you cannot possess complete knowledge. Even our brain can only interpret inputs it gets from our senses, that too in different ways depending on our beliefs, memories, emotions and what we know. Use your limited knowledge to do somethings better.

As I said, searching for peace will not bring you a sense of peacefulness, only realizing certain truth will bring you closer to calmness. Time will pass somehow, and we do have a little say in it.

Our story, Our Problem

The problems that exist in your mind does not exist somewhere else in most of the cases. Tomorrow, you will have different problems. And this will go on till our last breath. So why worry about these problems? Find a solution, create a work-plan to solve this if the problem really needs to be solved. The future builds up from now on. Whatever happened, happened. Learn from it and use it to create a better future.

But do not forget to live in the present. No regrets, as you did what you did and it is already in the past. Realizing this will bring you closer to your search for peace.

Create your own story while learning from yourself and others. Remember whatever happens is alright and think before doing something, even afterwards. But beware, do not let your mind wander off in a particular thought direction else your mind will play tricks on itself and you will become captive by a unidirectional mindset.

You will go mad if you keep laughing all the time and you will commit suicide if feel sorrow for a long time. Keep your mind in check by questioning itself.

Grass is not greener on the other side, it just looks that way from where you are.

Harsh innocence of a himalyan girl
I have my own story, I try not to compare with others.

How to find the sense of calmness ?

You will not find peace or sense of calmness if you do not remove the cloak of chaos in life. Make your life simple, Do not lie unnecessarily, Have a single face, Be what you are.

Go to the top of a multistory building and look down at people and what they do, how people get going. You will see that everyone has problems, everyone is thinking about something at a particular moment, everyone is insecure about something. It is okay to feel to what you feel, but do not let your emotions linger for too long.

Try to live as you deem fit without hurting others. If you know yourself, thought of society should not bother you. People who know you, know you. And who do not, it does not matter what they think. Who are they to judge you? Know your responsibilities. If you do something, do it with all your heart or else why bother? If something unexpected happens, do not panic, take a deep breath, analyze, get help, and work for it. Worrying is not going to help.

We all are unique and we are the same. A unique blend of emotions and our perceived thinking makes us different from others. Appreciate the differences, learn what needs to be learned. Create a balance between satisfaction and growth. If one of the two is missing, life will not be worth it. Or will it be? Total satisfaction will hinder your growth, And if you chase growth, it will lead to chaos and complexities in your life.

Travel, explore, learn from silence and soundlessness of nature. Take it easy, take it slow, enjoy the process and your journey through life. You will not be searching for peace anymore if you keep on learning from yourself.

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