Save Nature to Save the Future of Humanity. 
Do not turn away your heads from reality and responsibilitiesYour mother Nature.
Nature nurturing life - Future of Humanity
This is how nature nurtures life.      |         Photo by : Pixabay
Your innocence has trapped you in your thoughts. The things humans believe to be important, are really not. There is a bigger picture for you to look at.
Stop dictating everyone’s life by stories, written a mere few thousand  years ago. You always act too late because you never have any idea of what is to come.Take control for the future of your children.
You do not even understand yourself, how will you ever understand me?
I have seen species come and go through eternity and I know how it  happens. Do not repeat the mistakes of ignoring responsibilities as your ancestors did.
Neither God Nor I differentiated among Humans. If you believe in your version of Gods, it created the whole world, but did not create religions. Who are you to differentiate and fight? Why did you create religions and formed different versions of Gods?

Who am I – The Nature

I am Heaven and Hell. A life is born here and it dies here. And it will always be here, in one form or the other.

I am the only God, the only truth.I am eternal. I am everywhere. I am you. Inside and outside. Earth, Universe and Beyond.
You are just a tiny part of me, but so significant that you are capable of changing the course of evolution and Earth by choices. By the time Humans dared to question their existence, they questioned my existence.
Look at how many Gods  have been created through history.

Did I create You – How ?

Yes and No. I mean, not directly. Earth was formed out of me, a long time ago. Somewhere in time, Life was born on the planet Earth and after consuming its resources, reproducing and mutating through ages, you became who you are today.

My form keeps changing  every single moment. You are my form as is everything else, but no I did not create a human in my form. Remember, even all religions say that I am formless. And yes, everything did come out of me and it will merge into me, again and again.

Transition from unicellular organisms to Age of men 

Who are you? – A Human

One of billions on Earth. The most advanced, the most intelligent. But you never used intelligence as a collective species. These are just words without any knowledge of your worth and capabilities.

Every human is an unique blend of emotions, experiences and thinking capabilities. But come all, You are a hypocrite and an ignorant species.

The problem lies in your thoughts – what can one person do? 

Each and every one is important. Any person can change the course of events as has been the case throughout the history. Understand actuality of your existence, Come together to change the cycle, Take responsibility for the future of your children. Do not hide behind selfishness, pride and mediocre thought process.

Prophets and Messengers of God – My Children

A few good men tried to help civilizations, and societies, but people made them Gods because behind the scenes, they allegedly performed some miracles.

Do you even understand how stories spread and how stories are written for you to believe in it? Intentionally and Unintentionally.

Ancestors used to call them prophet, Now many people believe them to be their true God.

Golden Buddha statue- A man turned into God
Transition of a good man into God.         |        Photo by : Pixabay

So called children of God, were not so special, but people just like you with a greater understanding. But when one lets his mind wander for so long, it becomes a perceived reality.

Not all of them had the true knowledge of Nature’s reality, but they did try to do something good. They did sacrifice themselves for you to survive. What happened afterwords, when these stories were written by some blind followers like you, led to problems Humanity is facing today.

The problem lies in your way of thinking that you can not become that person, Humans have accepted themselves as mediocre beings.

You can be that messenger and do something good for Humanity.

Why and How did Humans create God ? – The Past

As your ancestors became aware of their existence, they started wondering about everything that happened around them. They did start questioning , but as there was neither any explanation available nor any means to know the reasons, they attributed it to something greater and abstract, something more powerful and they imagined Gods in their form.

Built idols and temples and wrote holy books. Religion was supposed to unite your kinds and it did for a while, but blind faith and tribal nature of people led you to astray from your path. Transition of Gods into businesses became a norm after excessive dependency of society over money.

And now you believe that God made you in their form.

Some parts of these stories are true and some are extrapolated. Without knowledge, its harder to distinguish. With passing time, you are further away from the truth. You evolved into something so complex to become lost in your lives.

Look at my creation, Life,  the ultimate miracle.

When people do not understand the underlying concepts of some phenomena, they link it to your hypothetical Gods, but not me.

Are your Gods going to save you? How could they? Have they done this before? – NO

Am I going to save you? How could I? Have I done this before? – NO

If this was the case, your ancient civilizations would have survived.

Only you can do this, but you act too late, always.

As we moved forward in time, stories kept piling up and as it transformed over centuries and it took a more concrete form. Humans wrote holy books, created religions and kept dividing. 

Now, you have become overdependent on your Gods and think that they give you hope, courage, show you a path, provide you peace among other benefits. But if you look deep inside, you will know the truth. These benefits are temporary and short-sighted. These beliefs have taken deep roots and led to your irresponsible behavior towards everything.  

You are wasting my resources in the name of Gods, religions and cultures; without knowing it’s implications in the present and the future which is essential for survival of future generations.

There are almost 4200 versions of religions and beliefs on Earth today. If thousands of years ago, humanity had known what it knows know; your version of religions and Gods would have been different. Or may be there had not been a religion at all.

Your ancestors migrated from one places to another after consuming the nearby resources while spreading their belief systems. Modifying cultures and penning down their thoughts on the way.

If your ancestors had been far sighted and intelligent, Humans would have been in a better mind-set today and not fighting amongst themselves.

You are too busy in finding your origin that you overlook where you are going. Keep your eyes on the road and the destination, not whence you came.

Why do you believe in so called Gods but not me?

The only reason to believe in your so called creators is because the society fed you these beliefs since the day you were born. And it is backed by your superfluous and miraculous holy books written by some people. They just wanted to believe in something without taking any responsibility for the Mankind.

Because the thought did not even occur to them. You have the means of Philosophy and Science to know better.

When did you become so dumb to follow everything without questioning its true nature?

I guess, you always were. Innocence is no excuse, not anymore, as your existence is dependent on it.


Future of Humanity was dependent on holy books from different religions
If only Humanity had been far sighted. | Photo by : Pixabay


Your belief system and culture is always changing and societies are just shifting their beliefs. Look at how many sub-religions people have created and adopted over the years. Someone come along and adds new ideologies to the previous concepts of a religion. And it keeps dividing.

Most do not know what their religion really stands for, they just follow it. If this is not hypocrisy then what is?

You have evolved enough to understand now, just let go of your ego and pride. Use some knowledge and common sense. If not, you will destroy yourselves and change the course of Earth.

How are you so naive? Am I invisible to you?

Think about it for a moment.  If you think that life can not be created from my resources and there needs to be an intelligent creator like Gods, Then there must be some greater force than your Gods to create them and so on. Thus answering this question for once and all.

The same goes for your children, you and your parents. This is how life evolves, through reproductions and mutations. It all leads back to me, Your ultimate Singularity.

The ultimate question of God will always remain because there is no way to this knowledge.

Use your curious minds to your existential benefit.

Life uses my resources to survive, grow and reproduce. This makes Mankind, the greatest force. Do not live in a fantasy land of your mind and stories of your ancestors, I am real and all around you. Embrace my reality as well as yours.

What is happening – The Present

What you have been doing in the past has brought to your present.

Your current population is almost 8 Billion. Mankind has accomplished a great number of things, but that accomplishment is in not your favor, not for long anyway. Future of humanity is in danger.

In the name of Religion, Politics, and Administration, you keep dividing yourselves and keep hating and keep fighting.

You have never found a balance in your lives. Your greediness does not know when to stop.

People are chasing happiness and one day you will lose the meaning of happiness when the feeling of sorrow is gone.

Humans are selfish without self realization. You are just a bystander and see the world burning but you do not have the courage to do something about it.

You keep fighting over religion, caste, belief, color, power, money, land, water. Why? What will you achieve by this and for how long? Nothing is permanent, Nothing is absolute.

Fame and fortune have everything in to business and you want to procure more and more money. Money has blindsided you to everything else.

Humans live their lives as a showcase to be valued by your peers.

Everyone must have read or heard somewhere that Man is a social animal. Today, relationships and social life has restricted to a screen. And the problem is that you do not know where this is leading you.

You are a victim of mass hysteria and fad following and your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Without giving an ounce of thought.

Humans are losing grasp on reality and shifting towards virtuality in the name of Artificial Intelligence. The real intelligence is lost on you. Do you really want to become a living Robot in a virtual land?

artificial intelligence in a virtual land
After a certain time, we find new meanings when the obvious ones do not make sense. | Photo by : Pixabay

Evolution has made people dumber and lazier, not just in your body but mind as well. You want an easy life through technology, you will have no life. How much easier do you want life to be? 

Weather pattern has been changing because of your ignorance and you are the one facing the problems. You want more houses, more vehicles, more products to meet your demands.

There is a little concern for Deforestation and Pollution. Rising level of oceans, Melting ice caps, Increased temperature. Do you really not care? You want development; at what cost? your life and future of your children.

You have nuclear weapons as an excuse for peace. Why would you give yourself an option for your own destruction?

You are too short sighted to realize what is really important for your survival, me. History only repeats itself, because Humans do not learn from their mistakes.

Throughout life, you haven been creating problems and solving them and now, you have become too lost in this cycle.

In your Hands – The Future

Future has never been written. What you do in time will dictate your future. Many civilizations have come and gone. Human civilization has taken a dangerous turn which is endangering your kind. You are causing so much destruction on this earth that it can not support life of humans for a long time.
You are writing your fate to doom. Just a mere blink of an eye in my eternal life.
Stop tempting your fate and mine. Humans have hurt me enough in the name of money, religion, development and stupidity.

As you will not stop procreating. So, how can my Earth support you comfortably after a few centuries when you will have consumed and wasted enough resources. Use these resources responsibly and leave it for your children.

baby feet - life continues
How will our life continue on this earth. | Photo by : Pixabay

My resources belong to every life on your planet. Your habitat is the real home, the buildings you have are just there to provide you an illusion of safety and privacy. This is the ultimate responsibility you could have.  Otherwise, You should not be bringing a child into this world only to suffer.

Some of you are smart enough to foresee this future event and trying to colonize nearby astronomical objects for survival of humanity because they believe that it is already too late. But with your ignorance, you will repeat same mistakes again.

Little Drops of Water make the Mighty Ocean. If all of you start trying accept your responsibility of the role you play in shaping the future, It might be done. Know what you are capable of doing and do it. Excuses will lead to your extinction, not mine.

Wants have no limit, Focus on needs, without disturbing Earth. If you disturb me enough, your end is in your hands or you can say in my hands.

How can you save the Future of Humanity-

It is true that one day my beautiful earth will be gone, but why would you want to die much sooner? Work with each other instead of fighting for petty differences.

I urge you to take control of your world, collectively as a species if you want to survive for long. If your negligence continues, you will be wiped out from the face of earth.

Use Internet and other resources to gain important knowledge instead of browsing for stuff with has no to little meaning. Broaden your level of thinking.

Think beyond your children, Think about how your line is going to survive after hundreds of years. Prepare your next generation for the things to come in future. Change yourselves and change your education system.

Excess of anything is bad. Overuse of something creates a habit and makes you dependent. When you become overdependent, it becomes too late to go back. With proper knowledge and being responsible, you can avoid these irreversible situations in the future.

Fantasizing and wasting your time worshiping Gods has never helped you and it never will.

Save Earth and Save the Future of Humanity.

Sources for you to read

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Photos by : Pixabay

You can work together for the sake of Mankind’s future. Will you help yourselves by understanding your responsibilities or will you simply ignore? Like you have been doing, always.

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