Have you ever wondered – What is god’s purpose for my life ? What is my purpose and mission in this life?  Think for a moment, Will it affect your’s or anybody’s life whether God exists or not?

What is meaning and purpose of life?

The purpose and mission of life is so simple. The short answer is – Survival, Growth, Procreation, Impart Knowledge to our children, Fulfill our Duties and eventually Die. More than that, It varies from life to life because everything is relative in this world, even Gods, well except speed of light as far as we know. There is no meaning of life unless we give it some. 

I exist because the world exists and the world exists because I exist.

What is Life?

Let us first understand what life is. How do we differentiate between living and non-living? Living originated from non-living through ages and evolved to become what we are today. Through the process of reproduction, it continues. And mutations create new life forms. Some are random, some are staged. Cross breeding performs genetic mutations. Look around, animals to plants to fruits, we are responsible for tons of new species. Adaptability is another important tool to survive in the long run.

The hard working life of an ant carrying grass to its nest
What is the purpose of life for an ant?

Life is a journey through time, if you are not here to realize time, you are not living. i.e Learn from Past, Live in the present and Create a better future, not just for yourself but  for all of us.

Life, soul and immortality

Like a video is a collection of moving visual images, a life in time is a collection of present moments. We will always be here, the only thing will change that we will not have a functioning brain to remember who we are. Some matter will be converted to energy and this energy will support other life forms, and some of it will travel in this universe in disintegrated forms being causes for some effects. This is the original concept of soul and immortality, but through ages we created more and more stories.

Life through time and the belief system

Realization of time i.e growth is the very basic nature of life that separates it from non-living. Time will pass somehow; some of it is up to us how we want to spend our life and some of it is based on a number of known and unknown events in this random progressive world. God or no God, it has no effect on our lives expect what the belief system does to our mind. The need to believe in something greater than us and something abstract is so powerful that it casts a shadow over our minds. Layered structures of religions evolved through thousands of years and we became blind followers.

It’s funny to think that when Artificial Intelligence will have self awareness, who will they call God?

The concept of beliefs originated and evolved at different places at different times and through migrations it mutated and evolved again and again. The western and Eastern world came in contact and globalization process started and it led to new forms of belief systems. Layered structures and undocumented histories made it complicated to trace it. This a slow radical process which takes time and makes it difficult for us to fathom.

You need to travel and get exposed to different cultures and belief systems to learn more.

Why is your life Important ?

Have you ever wondered about what would have happened if you were never born? Go, watch It’s a wonderful life by Frank Capra.  You are one in seven billion people, and just a tiniest fraction in total counts of life.

You are as unique as everyone else is, and yet we are all the same. You matter to your family, your friends, your society and to strangers as well. Sometimes, we just do not realize this because we take things for granted. You have an important role to play in this Society. So think about what you are doing and how it will affect everything around you, not just in short term. 

The lady feeding 14 dogs at once
She feeds 35 dogs everyday although the nuisance created by these dogs is unbearable, but love can not be denied. It trumps everything else.


The Present – The only reality

Do you want to earn name, fame and fortune as the society wants you to? A good life is something described as per understanding of the society. This is how society values it’s members. But all of this will be left behind one day.

What really matters? that we live a good and meaningful life. Good, but we can not make our today at expense of our future. Humanity is going through a tough phase and we need to do something to save it from extinction.

Everything in excess will lead to irreversible problems. You are getting accustomed to social media, technology, online shopping and whatnot. If people give you more likes, you get happy. Going out for 500 meters, you need a bike or a car. If someone takes away your phone for one hour, you go mad like an integral part of your life is missing.

These things are making you lazy and dumb because you do not know how and why to use these. The essence is that everything should be used wisely and in moderation. Do not become over-dependent. Real social interaction has lost these days. Hell, even couples are busy using their phones in their bedroom.

You are shifting your natural reality to virtual reality. Is this bad? Take a few days away from these technological tools, look around, see whats happening, think about how it all started. It will give you a hint about the future as to where we are going.

We often say that History repeats itself. Why? Because we do not learn from it and let it repeat. Do not repeat same mistakes in different forms as our ancestors did.

The Future – Are we not evolved enough to think ahead?

We are often busy in finding our origin that we overlook where we are going.

What we did in the past made our lives today, and what we do now will dictate our future. Do we not know how the nature works? Go out in the world, look at things, think, question, reason and you will know some of the answers.

We think about the future, but how far? 30 years – 50 years. Beyond that? Why not save our planet so that your children can survive?

Do whatever makes you satisfied, but do not forget to grow. One day we all will die, the only certainty in life. Life expectancy has been increasing due to medical advancements. And who knows, maybe one day we will find a way to immortality, whether it will be genuine or transcendental is another matter. How and why do we believe stories without questioning it? Are you not evolved enough to use your brain?

It’s the role of society as a collective effort. And we as individuals create that society.

How to find your purpose of life?

Take time to think about your life since the time you can remember, look how adventurous it has been. The story of your life is somewhat unique and it will always be. Ups and downs are the fun part of life and keeps us sane. Learn to appreciate your story rather than cursing your life and trying to idolize others.

If you really want to do something for your future generation, think beyond procurement of money. Money will do no good if our habitat can not support our life. More money makes you dumb anyway. Do not turn everything into a business. Money should not be given priority for essential things such as Education, Hospitals, Government, and Water etc.

Understand your responsibilities towards everything that really matters instead of wasting your time to find purpose in your life. The purpose is what you make it, the very things that add real value to your life and those around you.

Creating a better world as your life’s mission

We all play a role in this world whether we realize it or not. Then why not do it in such a way so to create a thinking mindset, a better world, and a better future for us and our children? So stop thinking about what is God’s purpose of your life and start acting. Do something worthwhile as your life mission, if nothing else.

We always do things while expecting something in return. Even helping others and donation relates to the concept of Karma so that we can have few good deeds in our heavenly bank. Rise above this mediocre thinking. Basic survival needs such as water, food, and shelter should not be denied to anyone. You are not helping beggars by giving them money, if this continues, they will always beg and nothing will change in the long run. Do not look for the easy way out.

Its our minds that we need to change. What do you think now? Write below to help me understand.

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