Often when I look at people, I find their eyes and mind searching for something, like they are looking for some answers. Responsible travel is much needed for a sustainable tourism development, Understand it before you embark on a journey.

Are you looking for some answers? I may help you with that.

Reasons to Travel

Some hope to find peace, some to find meaning of life, some to indulge in different cultures, some to get away from a monotonous life, some look for adventures, some travel for the love of nature and for what life has to offer. Some for a few days, some of us, forever. Whatever the reason, people seem to be a distracted by the same life they left back at home or office and are unable to enjoy the present, the moment.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it present” As master Oogway said. Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Keep your worries at bay at least for the time being. Remember whatever happens is fine, you being alive and able is more than enough, some of us does not have that.

Be wise and do not follow Fads

Traveling makes you wise, but only if you have the ability to think, to learn and to drive off your ego. Everyone wants to be a traveler just because it is just another cool thing to do according to social media. You travel for a few times in a year and your FB page says that you are a traveler or filled with wanderlust. Why? Every work is important in this world. Do not follow the fad or herd mentality. Otherwise who are you?

Everyone is doing it so you need to do it? Think about what you expect from your travels, find your reasons, understand your responsibilities. Now if you really want to do it, then go ahead. Now you have come a little closer to so called, free will.

All the answers lie within you, If your today is not good, tomorrow will never be until you understand certain things. Meaning of life is what we make it. Peace of mind is a repetitive practice after a deeper understanding of yourself. Explore your inner and outer world to understand better. Think, reason, search google if do not know something. Keep your ego in control, you know nothing. Knowledge does not make you wise anyway.

Enjoying nature vs Showing off

Is talking selfies and pictures without enjoying the nature and life in the present moment is more important? Was this one of your reasons to travel? So that we can show others on social media sites that we have been traveling or doing something cool. More likes, recognition and valuing ourselves from other’s eyes are the norms of digital world today.

Traveling is feeling the beauty of nature and life with all our senses. Taking pictures is an important way to keep memories, but first feel it within yourself, enjoy the beauty, be present at the moment and only then you need to keep memories. Real life is out here, not in the digital world. And the most wonderful tool is your brain for keeping tracks of those memories.

Take your time to really feel nature

Take it slow and take your time to feel the place and its culture. If you have limited time, do not try to cover all the places at once, choose a few and enjoy it until you feel that its time to move on. Do not make more plans, ask locals, they know best. Spend time with them, you will come to appreciate the differences each of us have while being the same. Learning is a never ending process, you just need to know what to learn.

Often tourists look for high end rooms with big tv and facilities. They book a cab, go to famous spots and take pictures and go back home. Its all good, but if this was your purpose and reasons to travel, then why bother traveling. It’s the mental attitude we need to work on.

Hypocrisy of people looking for adventures

People often say that there is a certain season to visit a place, but you know what, a single place has different vibes at different times. I see people asking nonsense questions on social media platforms, some advertise their trips beforehand and some are genuinely worried. I had to unfollow when I became sick of these questions. Why don’t you go out and find for yourself. If something unexpected happens, an adventure awaits. You call yourself an adventurer, and yet you are afraid by the mere thoughts about what might happen.

Responsible Travel vs Just Traveling

We are accountable for the our own actions. Take responsibility as a traveler, understand reasons and outcomes of travel. When you go someplace, do not pollute the nature. It is called “Mother Nature” for a reason. You know why? Not because I or people told you so. But because this earth is our home, and if our home is polluted where will our children live? If we cannot think about our future down the line, why bother procreating? As our population grew, with deforestation, pollution, global warming, nuclear weapons, AI and other destructive forces, we are already facing the worst situation in history of humanity.

Demand creates supply and a mean to earn more and more money for businesses at the expense of our habitat. Governments needed to take some extreme steps on the account of us being irresponsible. Like they banned several treks. Keep a garbage bag with you or use dustbins if you know nothing of recycling. Non- Biodegradable waste should not be thrown, burned or put inside the ground. Responsible travel is not only for travelers but the whole system.

Do follow the trail while on a trek as trampling bushes will destroy stems and plants and it will create multiple trails or widen the trail which will lead to soil erosion thus destroying the nature.

Do not misuse resources. Fire leads to pollution and the weather pattern has been changing. There is enough pollution in cities, we do not need more. So do not burn fire just for fun unless it is essential for survival. Once or twice to celebrate a party is enough but think what will happen if all of us start burning fire for fun every time we go out. While you waste water or throw away food, someone somewhere is dying of thirst and hunger. Money is just another resource to make our lives better, use it well, use it wisely.

Why should you preserve nature?

There is no moral obligation to preserve nature. You can travel the way you deem fit. You will just be destroying all our lives and our children’s. If this is the case for you, there is no point in procreating because you are already destroying our habitat, Planet Earth..

Respect and love nature, it will be fruitful for all of us else we are doomed. Love and you will be loved. I can say for sure because I feel it every moment. So what are your reasons to travel? How can people employ responsible outdoor travels? I would love to know your perspective, write in the comment box below. If you need any help, I am always here as your friend. [email protected] if need be.

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I loved each and every line of this post .Great going. Let’s spread the awareness together 🙂

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