Life is easy and simple enough because I make it so. Its all about choices. If the society tells me to go right, sometimes I go left and look at life for what it is. I do not go to look for Gods, they are right there at my home, my parents who created me.

I live my life my way, without hurting others, the only rule I follow. But I do not allow others to hurt me. No religion, No caste, No judgement and No headache. I respect everyone around me but I never hesitate to show people the bigger picture and their true colors. Total freedom comes with a deeper understanding. And I am truly free inside the bigger illusion, if there is.

I am selfish and selfless at the same time. My love is always unconditional for everyone. Always content yet growing, learning from myself and you. Because I realize certain truth that I have got one life and it’s longevity is unknown. My heaven and hell is right here, right now.

I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. Figuring out the How part as I go along. You need see through time to understand probable future by analyzing the things happening around you and understanding its implications in the time to come. Only we as humans can do something about it. Some say it’s too late, but it should never stop you from trying.

My purpose has never been more clear, I am trying to create a better world for our children to live in. Smaller problems will come and go, we need to go after what really matters.

The way our population is growing and the way we are misusing resources for a short term vision of mere decades, its not long before we face crisis everywhere; it is already happening. The weather pattern has been changing, temperature has been rising, rapid growth of AI, water does not tastes as it used to and many more.

Ignorance is a bliss but this ignorance is like putting axe on our own foot. All the problems we face today comes out of selfishness, greed, short-sightedness, and lack of understanding.

In the end, we are all parts of nature and all of it has to go one day, but if we do it right, we might be able to sustain humanity for a longer period of time on our beloved planet Earth.

This site has the purpose of serving humanity by making ourselves understand the distinction between truth and illusion by learning the answers to what, why, when, where, who, whom and how so we can live in harmony with peace and employ all our energy to build a better future for our descendants. What we do today will make our future.

I never try to show off. I am what I am. I do not go after name, fame, success and fortune. It’s your problem whether you like me or not. I experience the world through my own senses, not yours. But I do understand how it works; I can and will make you understand for your own good. No one is above or beneath me.

Get Curious, Ask, Listen, Reason, Know, Think, Understand, Learn, Teach, and be Wise. Do not go by definitions, understand concepts for what it really is. Knowledge is endless, what we do with that knowledge is what matters.

I exist because the world exists, and the world exists because I exist.

Ashish Ranjan

First and foremost, A Human

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